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Opération pixel : Images Processing

Welcome to a site dedicated to the image and its treatments. We will explain the basics of imaging. How images are created? What they represent? How to improve image quality or features get information? This site aims to answer these questions and many others, through the various programs, definitions and examples.


I use a software to perform the image processing. It is paying but student versions are available at low price. Evaluation versions are also available to try without spending a dime. It is:

a similar Software for Matlab exists except it is free. For those who can't have access to Matlab, it should give you a good compromise.


As we are going to work on image processing, it is essential to have images. Several ways exist to obtain them. A simple search on the web provides a lot of pictures of many different formats. This is the easiest way to have the raw material for our treatments. If you want to scan your own images you should have a camera for treatment of images one by one, or a webcam to perform treatments on an image stream (video), a connection between webcams and your computer will allow you to make real-time processing. We will also see how to create a synthetic image in order to test our analysis.


Algorithms and explanations are inspired of existing documents. They are referenced here, so you can find the sources of information of this site.

  1. The Essential Guide to Image Processing, of Alan C. Bovik
  2. Digital Image Processing: An Algorithmic Introduction Using Java, of Wilhelm Burger and Mark Burge
  3. The Image Processing Handbook , of John C. Russ

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